The individual and collaborative work of photographers + visual artists, ALBERT TROTMAN + DIANE ALLFORD.  Individually or together, they create imagery that tells the stories about people and the things that are important to them in their lives.  Sometimes we are regaining our footing in life or we are at the height of success.  Sometimes we are there just to capture a good time.  Either way we do it with still’s and motion… 


Diane is a accomplished people and location photographer and photo shoot producer based in New York City.  She comfortably connects with her subjects to bringing out their story in a way that will reach the viewing audience and leave the subject with a positive experience.  

Fine Art Projectdaytrippininsoho.com | Social Media – InstagramEyeEm + Twitter  

ALBERT TROTMAN – Food Photography Blog: Trotfilms.com + Trotfilms Video

Albert is a experienced and versatile photographer, videographer and photo editor.  Enthusiastic about all aspects of photography with experience photographing people and still life in the studio and on location.   In addition Albert’s skills extend to all other necessary elements needed to produce high quality photo shoots.  These tasks could include location scouting, set building, lighting, booking of talent, wardrobe stylists, hair and make-up artists.  Social Media – Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter




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